Your go-to beer distributor in France

We specialize in importing and distributing beer and accompany foreign breweries that wish to enter the French market.
Expert wholesalers of beer and specialty beer, we guarantee total control over the supply chain right up to distribution.

Your independent beer wholesaler

As an independent company, we propose solutions tailored to each brewery's needs and objectives. This freedom also enables us to establish streamlined relationships with foreign breweries that want to export their beer to France.

Thanks to our customized service, we can help if you are looking for:
- a new supplier in France
- a new importer in France
- logistics support in France
- a logistics platform in France
- advice on importing beer to France

Your partner in France

We establish a trusting client relationship by providing administrative support, smoothly exchanging information and offering technical advice.

Experts at importing beer to France, we can deal with all of the customs paperwork.
Be it transport, import regulations or customs clearance — NEODIF takes care of the whole process.

We handle the distribution of your products in France from reception of your beer and specialty beer to delivery to your clients.

Your beer import expert

Importing beer is our core business and our teams know all about it. They specialize in introducing beer. Our large network of partners enables us to:
- receive your clients' orders
- distribute your beer in France
- store your beer in France
- manage logistics for you in France
- prospect for new customers in France
- enter different markets in France
- accompany your sales force
- become your exclusive importer

Discover our exclusive partnerships with breweries from around the world.

Our exclusive breweries

Informations pratiques

Dans sa volonté de vous offrir un service sur-mesure, Neodif vous accompagne dans la mise en place de votre dossier et dans la définition de vos modalités de paiement et de livraison.

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